From the Ground Up Clinics

6 sessions about important horse care issues. A great opportunity for parents to become more involved with their children's love of horses, or take what you already know and get a little more in depth with professional tips and tricks of the trade. Clinics will include hands on demos and take home worksheets.

$30 per person


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Anatomy, Grooming and Tack

       Horse anatomy and conformation: Learn important qualities for functional conformation, what are good and poor points of conformation, how they effect soundness and movement and how different horse sports prefer different conformation traits. Students will evaluate horses in the barn for their overall correctness.

     Basic Grooming: Learn correct grooming techniques professional grooms use in their day to day horse care, including tips and tricks to keep your horse looking it's best. This will be basic day to day care including correct daily presentation of your horse. More in depth grooming, clipping, mane pulling etc. will be covered in "Show Prep". 

     Tack Care and Storage: Good tack is expensive, learn how to correctly clean, care, and store your tack for longevity. Learn all the parts of the saddle and bridle, how to take them apart and reassemble. Learn when and why , or why we do not, use certain bits, martingales, breast plates and bridle types. 

Basic Equine First Aid

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Show Prep

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Correct Ground Handling and Lunging

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Bathing and Trailering

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Stable Management

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