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Thank you for choosing PLEASANT RIDGE FARM, LLC to help you further you and your horse’s education. We are excited to work with you!  Please take a moment to give us your information, select your training program, agree to our terms and conditions, and complete our rider release form.

Step 1: Rider Information

By providing my phone number, I agree to receive text messages from the business.

Step 2: Please Select Your Training Program

All Programs include the following: 

  • Weekly unmounted horsemanship class

  • Online progress tracking and Level Program with goals and awards to track progress

  • Access to goal setting meetings with trainer

  • Access to twice yearly at-home horse shows. Fall Fun Show and Spring Mini Trials

  • Access to on site clinics with top industry professionals that are not open to the public

  • Unlimited lesson/clinic auditing

  • Ability to join Pleasant Ridge Pony Club


Half hour private lessons for those just starting their horse journey.

(4) mounted lessons monthly. (4) unmounted horsemanship classes monthly.

  • Get started in a one-on-one setting where students can progress at their own pace and gain the skill sets to be independent riders and move up in the program to an hour group lesson.

  • For younger students, Parent and child learn together! We go through grooming, tacking, and riding, with the parent leading the horse while the child rides. The instructor directs a fun lesson, and also teaches the parent how to work with horses safely. Parent attendance is encouraged but not required.

LESSON PACAKGE II - Intermediate - it's Getting Serious.

One Weekly Hour Group Lesson

For those who are able to independently and safely groom/tack and walk/trot on their own

(4) mounted lessons (group) monthly. (4) unmounted horsemanship classes.

  • If you started in private lessons, you have graduated to an hour group situation and are ready to move forward in your riding!

  • This package is also for those who are already familiar with horses and have suitable prior experience.

  • Groups are organized so that students are with others of similar ability level.

  • Those in our "Yellow" level and are now able to join Pleasant Ridge Pony Club.

  • One makeup lesson option per 30 days

Lesson Package III- Advanced Program - This is my Sport!

(8) mounted lessons - 4 group lessons, plus 4 additional lessons - private, group or combo, (4) unmounted horsemanship classes.

  • By riding twice weekly, rider is able to create the muscles and fitness needed to be safer and more secure in the saddle, and adequate practice in order to be prepared to compete off property.

  • Two times weekly lessons are required for all PRF show teams

  • Bonuses: Students are now able to lease when a strong Green level or Pony Club D3
    Pony Club.

  • Two makeup lesson options per 30 days

  • Opportunity to show off-property.

  • Opportunity to school off property

Lesson Lease Option

Half Lease lesson Horse-Getting Ready To Buy

 (8) lessons - 4 group lessons, plus 4 additional lessons - private, group or combo, (4) independent rides, (4) unmounted horsemanship classes monthly.

  • Learn what it takes to be a horse owner or full leaser. With guidance from our experienced staff, riders avoid the classic pitfalls many new equestrians experience during this big step.

  • Must be a Pony Club strong D3 + or a strong Green level (instructor approval required)

  • Must commit to 6 month minimum

  • Bonuses: All bonuses in Twice Weekly Subscription and Lesson Lease Add-on

  • plus a weekly independent ride.

  • Horse priority in lessons.

  • Can spend more time in the barn outside of lessons and more time with horse

  • Includes horse use for on site events

  • Includes show/school horse use offsite

Horsemanship Only Program

Join us for our unmounted horsemanship classes and learn all the ins and outs of professional horse care and management. From formal show prep to addressing injuries, to barn management. This class is for those who may only want to learn from the ground without riding or are on our wait list for the regular program.   Those in the Horsemanship program get first offering when lesson times open up!
$150 per month

Step 3: Terms and Conditions

Client Requirements

  1. Client must come with a learning mindset, be coachable, positive, and have a good attitude!

  2. All students and their parents are expected to familiarize, download and fully review PRF, LLC's lesson policies. These can be found at It is the clients responsibility to familiarize themselves with all PRF policies.

  3. Client will put a credit or debit card on file, and it will be automatically charged on the first day of each month and continue every month thereafter. If a client needs to change the credit card on file, please call or text a picture of both sides of the new credit card to 570-856-4977 and leave the new credit card number, expiration date, CVC, and billing zip code on the voicemail or text. 

  4. Required Attire

    -Approved ASTM/SEI riding helmets are MANDATORY for EVERYONE riding at PRF

    -Breeches and belt if they have belt loops

    -Polo shirt and sweater or equivalent neat and tidy attire

    -Paddock boots and half chaps, or tall boots (tall boots are not appropriate for smaller children)

    -Hair neatly tied back

  5. Client Must show up on time. On time if fully tacked and ready 5 minutes before your lesson time

  6. Absolutely NO FLIP FLOPS or OPEN TOED SHOES allowed by anyone in the barn at anytime.  THIS INCLUDES PARENTS AND SIBLINGS.  Sneakers and similar footwear are discouraged in the barn

Scheduling and Makeup Policy

  1. Complete Lesson Policies and Barn Rules can be found online at It is the clients responsibility to familiarize themselves with all PRF policies.

  2. Weekly Classes: Clients will receive a dedicated time and a day of the week where there will be an appropriate school horse and with a group of riders with similar ability reserved each week.

  3. Automatic Grouping: Riders will be automatically grouped together with riders of similar ability and level. This is paramount to our barn culture and philosophy of creating a community that encourages camaraderie, friendship and support.  We feel this leads to higher quality riding, lessons, and just plain more fun.  

  4. Makeup Policy: If client cannot make their time during a week- PRF, LLC will allow missed lessons to be made up within 30 days. Lessons must be canceled 24 hrs in advance by texting your instructor for a makeup option or emailing, otherwise makeup lessons cannot be honored.

    • If a lesson is not made up within 30 days it will expire. 

    • Monthly tuition is still due in full even when a student misses their lessons.  

    • The best way to get the most value out of the program is to make it a priority and a commitment not to miss your dedicated lesson time(s). 

  5. Weather: In the event that the weather prevents riding- unmounted horsemanship lessons will be substituted.  Wear appropriate clothing for. the weather. If inclimate weather creates dangerous road conditions, we will notify everyone via FB Messenger for canceled classes, which will be rescheduled or refunded

  6. Makeups and weather substitutions may include classroom/hands on/ground work instruction. We strongly believe that on the ground learning is just as important as being in the saddle. Horses are the equipment that makes this sport possible, and proper care and handling of them is paramount. PRF prides itself on creating well rounded, knowledgable horsemen, not just riders. Part of your riding lesson experience will be to help familiarize you with safety, various types of tack and equipment, advanced horse care, and other horsemanship topics. This translates into better care of our incredible lesson horses and sets students up long term with the skills needed to lease or own their own horse in the future.

Cancellation or Lesson Change

  1. PRF, LLC operates on a month to month bases. Upon enrollment, students understand they will continue in the monthly recurring program for the entire month and will give 30 days notice to leave the program. Students will be considered to be enrolled for the entire following month if we do not receive notice that you wish to cancel prior to the 1st day of the last month. For example, if you do not let us know in writing prior to the 26th of the month prior (first day of last month)-then you are automatically enrolled for all of the next month. If you wish to no longer ride, you will still be charged for tuition for the reminder of the month. We have obscene expenses and financial commitments to be able to offer this program with healthy, happy, and educated horses- and we depend on students who can make some commitment- as well as give us plenty of notice if they are quitting so that we have time to pull students in from the waiting list to take their place.

  2. If client would like to make a long-term change to their dedicated lesson time or day, they may do so by emailing and we will offer appropriate classes and we will do our best to accommodate. Any schedule changes MUST be communicated before the 28th of the month before the schedule is set up .

  3. No Guarantee: The company does not warrant or guarantee any specific level of performance or results.  The results of your riding program are largely based on the efforts of the student.


Client agrees to communicate all scheduling changes or any other concerns about the program either through the barn telephone at 570-856-4977 or email us at or during your regular scheduled goal setting meeting. Please do not verbally communicate on schedule or finance questions. We have a robust program, this is the best way to stay on track.

Step 4: Equine Activity Liability Agreement and Risk Acknowledgement

1. Parties.  The parties to this document are PRF, LLC, d/b/a Pleasant Ridge Farm, LLC, a Pennsylvania limited liability company, (hereinafter “PRF, LLC”) and the rider (hereinafter “Equestrian”).

2. Activities with PRF, LLC. PRF, LLC is in the business of providing instruction in horseback riding and related activities and training horses. Equestrian executes and agrees to abide by this document, as consideration for being permitted to ride, or be around or near PRF, LLC's equines, receive instruction or training services or lease or buy an equine (“Activities” or “PRF, LLC's activities”), or be present on property used for PRF, LLC's activities. Equestrian believes that participating in such activities will be of benefit to him or her and affirmatively desires and requests that Equestrian be permitted to do so. 

3. Representations of Equestrian.  Equestrian represents that she/he understands the nature of the Activities in which he or she will be participating and is familiar with his or her own health, abilities, and maturity level and represents that he or she can safely participate in those Activities. Equestrian has inspected the PRF, LLC's premises and facilities and/or has in some other way satisfied him/herself that the condition of the premises and the facilities will provide an adequate and reasonable level of safety for Equestrian and any visitors he/she may bring onto the premises. 

4. Responsibilities of Equestrian.  Equestrian agrees to be aware of and follow such rules for safety as are attached or are subsequently provided to her/him, or posted. Equestrian acknowledges that his/her failure to follow safety rules or the directions of PRF, LLC or other staff may put her/him at risk of, or increase the risk of personal injury.

5.  Risks and Hazards.  According to the North American Horsemen's Association, numerous obvious and non-obvious inherent risks are always present in horseback riding and being around horses and ponies, despite all safety precautions.  No horse is a completely safe horse.  Horses are 5 to 15 times larger, 20 to 40 times more powerful and 3 to 4 times faster than a human.  If a rider falls from a horse to the ground it will generally be at a distance of 3 ½ to 5 ½ feet, and the impact may result in injury to the rider.  If a horse is frightened or provoked it may divert from its training and act according to its natural instincts which may include, but are not limited to:  stopping short, changing direction or speed at will, shifting its weight from side to side, bucking, rearing, biting, kicking or running from danger or with other equines.  These risks exist for any person around a horse, whether mounted or on the ground. Additional hazards or noises at PRF, LLC's premises that may frighten an equine include but are not limited to carriages, low flying aircraft, deer, road traffic, and dogs. Equestrian acknowledges these risks and states that he/she is not relying on PRF, LLC to advise of all the risks.

6. Apportionment of Liability and Indemnity.  In consideration of Equestrian being allowed to participate in activities with PRF, LLC, use PRF, LLC’s services or facilities or equines, or be present on property used for its activities, Equestrian does agree to the following apportionment of legal liability.  Equestrian agrees to hold harmless and release PRF, LLC, its agents, employees, members, managers, agents, officers, representatives, assigns, affiliated organizations, insurers and others acting on PRF, LLC's behalf from all claims, demands, causes of action, and legal liability arising out of Equestrian’s activities with PRF, LLC or Equestrian’s presence on PRF, LLC property, whether the same be known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, and even if due to negligence and/or another Equestrian’s acts or omissions. Equestrian does further agree to waive all rights which may otherwise arise from an injury to Equestrian and shall not bring any claims, demands, legal actions or causes of action, against PRF, LLC, those persons described above, or any person or entity, for any economic or non-economic losses due to bodily injury, death, or property damage arising out of the activities of PRF, LLC or Equestrian’s presence on PRF, LLC property. Equestrian intends that this release shall be a complete and unconditional release of all liability on the part of the above- described parties to the greatest extent allowed by law. Equestrian agrees to accept full responsibility for all damages, injuries, or loss of life to or caused by Equestrian, and to indemnify PRF, LLC and all related parties described above, for any losses or expenses (including attorney fees) which they incur in connection with any claim related to Equestrian.

7.  Acknowledgment and Assumption of Risks.  Equestrian acknowledges that he/she bears responsibility for his/her own safety and Equestrian should not participate in any Activity unless he/she is confident that he/she can do so safely.  Participation in Activities with or conducted by or at PRF, LLC constitutes a knowing and voluntary assumption of all risks associated with such activities involving PRF, LLC or being present on or using PRF, LLC property (including but not limited to inherent risks and the risk of negligence by PRF, LLC or others) which is a defense under Pennsylvania law to any claim for injury or damage, and a bar to recovery.

8.  Visitors.  Should Equestrian bring to PRF, LLC premises any person who is not a party to a liability agreement with it, Equestrian agrees to educate him/her as to the risks of being around horses and horse operations, supervise them, be solely responsible for their safety.

9.  Helmet Use.  Equestrian acknowledges that wearing a properly fitted and secured equestrian riding helmet which meets or exceeds the quality standards of the SEI Certified ASTM Standard F1163 while riding, mounting, dismounting and being near horses may reduce the severity of head injuries or prevent death occurring as the result of a fall or other occurrence. PRF, LLC makes no representations as to the condition, effectiveness or suitability of any helmet it may allow Equestrian to use.  All helmet- related risks are assumed by Equestrian.   

10.  Other Terms.  This document states the entire agreement between the parties as to liability and may not be changed, except in writing and signed by the parties. The benefits to this agreement, including the release of legal liability, waiver of rights, and covenant not to sue are intended to benefit others, including officers, managers, members, employees, and agents of PRF, LLC. This agreement shall be binding upon PRF, LLC, Equestrian, and Equestrian’s heirs or estate, when signed by the parties.  If any clause, phrase or word is in conflict with Pennsylvania law, then only that single part is null and void.  This agreement and these acknowledgements shall remain in force until terminated by Equestrian through written notice to PRF, LLC at the address above.  The General Court of Justice Monroe County, PA shall be the exclusive venue for any litigation between Equestrian and the parties described above, relating to the activities of PRF, LLC .


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